New band “ANSIFLE” has formed

New band “ANSIFLE” has formed. 1st single “D to ALIVE” will released.

“ANSIFLE” members:
Vo.酒月いずみ(Izumi Sakatsuki) (ex.O-MooN)
Gt.仄白トト(Honoshiro Toto)
Gt.大和タケル(Yamato Takeru) (ex.ASIA, O-MooN)
Ba.黒狼ウル(Kuro Ōkami Uru) (ex.ASIA, O-MooN)
Dr.逢魔コマ(Ōma Koma) (ex.O-MooN)



they’re so generic in this “at least we don’t sound like shit” way so it’s almost fresh and is certainly really endearing


Oh… O-Moon evolved into ANSIFLE.

I’m glad seeing Yamato and Kuro(Masaki) continuing as a “formal” band. However O-Moon also played original songs already.
But well it’s a trend to change name and such right.

Yamato and Kuro are great musicians and you already hear that in the preview.
Looking forward to this band truly!

Listen. I love generic VK bands that sound like early 2010s UNiTE and REALies. But this is even too bland for my taste. :frowning:

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it totally is… this is how much flavor the scene gives us these days.

I like that this is what they came up with, instead of hiring ten different members (a dancer wearing a curtain, two keyboardists and three off-key vocalists of different gender included) and filming a video in a shopping mall parking lot.

How’s the neck of the drummer after filming this MV ? :thinking: