new band "ホンモノ" (HONMONO) has formed

cover band コピバン (COPIBAN) has changed into formal band “ホンモノ” (HONMONO) after their last live on 8/27. They will begin activities on 11/1, where they will hold their first live at Osaka MUSE.

Their first single, “ニセモノ” (NISEMONO) will be released at their first oneman live on 1/17 at Shinsaibashi Big Twin Diner Shovel. Check out the MV spot below!

Vo.MaKa (摩訶) (ex.CieLGraVE (as Ba.摩可 (Maka)) → DROP ON DESERT → CieLGraVE (as Ba.手繰 (Taguri)) → COPIBAN)
Gt.REY (怜) (ex.BlacK TeaR , Noisy Panic (support) → GAM! (support) → COPIBAN)
Gt.PP (ex.GUN CLOUD → Daydream → Free Aqua Butterfly → COPIBAN)
Ba.Kiyo (清) (ex.Vibration , UNIQUE PROJECT (support), Free Aqua Butterfly (roadie) → COPIBAN)
Dr.Sekai (世界) (ex.A113 → freelance support drummer, COPIBAN)



Goddamit. Now I can’t unsee that!

Intriguing look to say the least…

im so excited! they look like they will be a very cool band to keep up with! hopefully they are on youtube soon