new band "ホンモノ" (HONMONO) has formed

cover band コピバン (COPIBAN) has changed into formal band “ホンモノ” (HONMONO) after their last live on 8/27. They will begin activities on 11/1, where they will hold their first live at Osaka MUSE.

Their first single, “ニセモノ” (NISEMONO) will be released at their first oneman live on 1/17 at Shinsaibashi Big Twin Diner Shovel. Check out the MV spot below!

Vo.MaKa (摩訶) (ex.CieLGraVE (as Ba.摩可 (Maka)) → DROP ON DESERT → CieLGraVE (as Ba.手繰 (Taguri)) → COPIBAN)
Gt.REY (怜) (ex.BlacK TeaR , Noisy Panic (support) → GAM! (support) → COPIBAN)
Gt.PP (ex.GUN CLOUD → Daydream → Free Aqua Butterfly → COPIBAN)
Ba.Kiyo (清) (ex.Vibration , UNIQUE PROJECT (support), Free Aqua Butterfly (roadie) → COPIBAN)
Dr.Sekai (世界) (ex.A113 → freelance support drummer, COPIBAN)



Goddamit. Now I can’t unsee that!

Intriguing look to say the least…

im so excited! they look like they will be a very cool band to keep up with! hopefully they are on youtube soon

Website and Webshop has been openend

And first digital EP has been released

And the full PV to their song
NISEMONO has been released too


Oh damn, this is so good!

This is better than I expected based on the look. Also PP looks like he forgot to wear his uniform to work. Why does he look completely different from the other three (not counting Milcery … I mean MaKa)?

There has to be something I’m not understanding here. So they released the album digitally, however, in the YouTube description of the MV it says they are planning to release it physically next year in a two type edition but with less songs? I don’t get this, what’s the point in buying both the CD’s then?

ニセモノ – his singing voice was quite nice at first but quickly started to irritate me for some reason. This song is alright, it doesn’t really stand out much.

Vanity – the ambient sections with the muffled screaming was definitely my favourite part, the electronic breakdown was interesting at first but overall sounded emptier the longer it went on.

自虐の花弁 – start was cool as fuck, towards the 1 minute mark his voice started to grate on my ears a bit. I did enjoy the intermittent staccato parts though, made it fun.

凄惨な今夜に荒んだ現実 – those cleans came outta nowhere lol. I don’t have much to say about this one, it’s a little repetitive.

リバーシ – BRING ON THE VAGUE JAZZ VIBES. Nice and relaxing… oh ok 2:39 i see u very nice addition i appreciate it thanks.

ネオン – I’m imagining a very frantic electronic octopus in a spaceship with that intro. It has some other interesting elements but overall it just is, tho I could see myself getting into it more in a few days.

Preference order:

  1. 自虐の花弁
  2. Vanity
  3. リバーシ
  4. ネオン
  5. 凄惨な今夜に荒んだ現実
  6. ニセモノ

I first watched the MV and was underwhelmed but yeah the rest of the EP is sick.

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