New band "レヴィ" (REVIE) has formed

new band “レヴィ” (REVIE) has formed on 3/20 and have released their first single, “EGOISM” on 3/28. They held their first live at Kichijouji Crescendo on 4/23, where it was streamed for free on the venue’s Twitcast page.

As of recently, it has been announced that vocalist hayulu will depart on 10/8 due to personal reasons. Her last live will be at the same venue and will also be streamed for free. The band will continue activities afterwards.


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The singer’s voice reminds me of Suiya (ex.DecoLa Hopping).

does someone know who their new vocalist is?

also they released a new single :smiley:


1st single「EGOISM」

2nd single「離人症」


my cd will arrive soon

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