new band "camellia dystrudia" has formed

new band “camellia dystrudia” has formed on 2/13 and they will hold their first live on 3/17 at Ikebukuro Blackhole.


Vo&Gt.Saka Hitonari (紗花一成) (ex-bask in the deep → mu:ma)
Ba.Mahiro Itou (糸生聖央) (ex-Aienka (愛煙家) → QUALIA (クオリア) → Kowloon;mania → mu:ma support)
support Dr.Kouji (航) (currently support for SOCIAL DEATH STANCE, kimihasurudoku. (君は鋭く。), raison d’etre【K】)

their first digital single, “種” (tane) will be released at their live on 3/17 as an M∞CARD (music card) for 1100 yen and will be available for streaming at the end of March



Pretty nice sound! They really didn’t need to ruin it with the weird harsh vocals, but otherwise I dig it. Gonna try to keep my eyes/ears on them.

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Sounds pretty good! Liked Bask in the deep alot so it’s nice to hear this dude again

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2nd single, “向日葵/尽夜” has been released on 12/17


Not bad, I’m gonna have to check out both those singles on streaming~

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Saw them once… not impressed…

They are currently looking for a guitarist and drummer, they give priority to the guitar.


Hopefully they manage to find the suitable musicians. They’re really underrated and unique!

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