New band "DEFINE" has formed and new single "Diascia" release

New band “DEFINE” has formed

Vo. 悠翔-yu-to-
Gt. Micko
Ba. Lyu.
Dr. 摩砥枷-madoka-

They will hold their first live “-Meaning Of Life-” at 2021/07/31 at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE at which their live-limited single “Diascia” will be released


I like their instruments’ sound, heavy and speedy rhythm is my favourite, and that long-ish guitar solo sounds great.

Damn I was not expecting such a good song, can’t wait to hear more from them.

The song is great.
I will never understand bands that make a MVs for a live-limeted release though.

Not bad!

Probably as Promotion so thats the Fangirls can See them in Action/Outfits and have more then Just a Song

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Isn’t putting a song that you already released the mv of to the world on a cd and selling it as a live limited kind of defeat the purpose of live limiteds though?


Well at least his vocals improved a bit more. Can do with out some of the scream parts overall nice preview so far.

Whats His previouse Band ?

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The guitarist was a roadie for NAZARE or is this a different Micko?

yes, he was a Nazare roadie