New band DIZEXT has formed

New band DIZEXT has announced themselves and will begin their official activity on APRIL 1st.

Please check out their first MV ERROR 「?」

Vo. Miri (未罹)
Gu. Asatosi (亜了)
Gu. Miduki (海月)
Ba. Itumi (善罪) (ex-WALPURGIS )
Dr. Ren (蓮)


This is a whole mess and I’m here for it.

Amazing I like this

Freakin’ love it!

In case anyone wanna follow their official twitter and the members:

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It’s like a hybrid of VARYL, Durandal and Veriel. I like it.


I have to agree with this. It’s a mess (but for me it sounds like the mess is mostly in the vocals?), but it’s not a repellent either… Curious to know more!

Not loving the vocalist but I dig the song… Keeping an eye on them

That was pretty impressive(?) If also… yeah, a mess lol. I was a fan of pretty much the whole song instrumentally. vocals were pretty decent, the section at 3:33 is really pushing it lol. the harsh is really rough though that’s probably the biggest improvement needed for their sound…

I’m into it though I was waiting for something like this to appear !! The video looks REALLY great, no complaints. Almost spit-take when they all ashed cigarettes on her in unison.



Has the same kind of messy chaos DOBE had going on, I like the bad synth at the beginning too… I’m interested although not very crazy about the vocalist’s voice.


That was amazing <3 the instrumental in some parts give me a vibe like AvelCain, waiting for a release of this new guys

Well, it’s not a big bang, but still one of the best new bands of the last 2 years and that tells a lot about the scene

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Vocalist needs some professional training. Definitely the weak point.

I like the music he’s singing, he just doesn’t have the strength to support what it demands.

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at first I expected the pv to be a saku knock off in the first like 20-30 seconds, but nooope lol. Im not sure if I’m feeling this or not yet tbh. might have to make a decision when I hear more from them.

cool cool.

Weak vocals but the rest is pretty cool


Woah, this makes DazzlingBad sound good by comparison.
Another wespentallthemoneyoncostumescore band.

I’m glad they are enjoying themselves


late update: they have released their first live-limited single, “ERROR「?」” on 3/1. It contains one other new track, but its title is unknown

as of today, the band announced that Gt.海月 (miduki) and Dr.蓮 (ren) will leave the band and they will indefinitely pause activities as a result, after their last live on 9/14 at Holiday Shinjuku.

2021年9月14日(火)HOLIDAY SHINJUKU公演をもちまして、Gt.海月、Dr.蓮の脱退が決定いたしました。それに伴いDIZEXTは無期限活動休止といたします。