New band "NiiX Y" has formed

New band “NiiX Y” has formed.

“NiiX Y” members:
Vocal: NARU
Guitar: RYUTO (ex.少女-ロリヰタ-23区(Lolita23q))
Drums: 伊織(Iori) (ex.the LOTUS)



sounds really nice, I kinda dig the name, and vocalist sounds visual enough, buT

I want to speak to the manager, you are coming back off the lolita23Q tenure and there is no wig in this band. not even some ratty extensions. nothing.


copypast from vkgy

New band NiiX Y have begun their activities on August 26th.

NiiX Y is the new band of guitarist RYUTO (you might remember him from Lolita23q (少女-ロリヰタ-23区)) and drummer Iori (伊織) (you might remember him from the LOTUS). Both members teamed up with Vocalist NARU from (non-vkei band) MAGENTA OF AMBITIO (as Ruto) to start this brand new band to fulfilling their dreams together!

While the band doesn’t have an official group photo yet, they do have a full music video of the song 『RE:BELLIOUS』 from their upcoming first single released on their YouTube Channel. The recording of this track has been supported by ex-DIMLIM bass Taishi (大志) and synth arrange by ex-ALTEiD TP (浅香太志).

If this band will follow the visual path is yet unknown, however let’s still keep an eye on them!

The members of the band consists of the following:

Guitar. RYUTO (ex-Lolita23q (少女-ロリヰタ-23区))
Drums. Iori (伊織) (ex-the LOTUS)

Music Video support
Bass. Taishi (大志) (recording-support) (ex-DIMLIM)
Synth arrange. TP (浅香太志) (recording-support) (ex-ALTEiD)

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  1. this isn’t vkgy

  2. you basically posted the same thing as op, there is nothing new here besides the vocalist’s band history

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And Ryuto is also ex-THE LOTUS…

MV FULL · 2022/04/14

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