New band "Torenia” has formed

New band "Torenia” has formed.

“Torenia” members:
Vocal: 礁-Sho-
Guitar & Composer: 栄次郎-Eijirow-
Bass: 大佐-Taisa-
Drums: 徹-Tetsu- (ex.RE:VEIN)



I dig!

they sound very visual but only one henni does the looks with some effort… their vocalist basically needs a good wig to match that overly dramatic screeching too.

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he is ex-畸形メるへん (kikeimeruhen) → COCKROACH. → RE:VEIN (as Minami)

1st digital single “聖者の哀歌(Seija no Aika)" will be released at 2021/05/18.

Glad I spotted this today, they have some promise.

His clean voice is cute.

Band name could be better though. I keep misreading this as a topic about the chiptune artist TORIENA and getting confused.

@violetchain I have laugh a little because this video has make me remember that in Japan there are bartenders with muscles that give you Icecream in shops and i find very funny too if is not my genre of taste in music is true that you have to eat much for gains muscles the video say things right you have to eat much food for have muscles the guy with muscles was eating much! :sweat_smile:

TuneCore Japan

Torenia has suspended activities indefinitely.

wow that was quick