new band "UNTIL'D ASH" has formed

new band “UNTIL’D ASH” will commence formal activities at 2022/10/22.

their digital single “時雨 (Shigure)” will be released at 2022/9/17.

Vo.&Gu.賢翔 (Kensho) (ex-ワタリガラス (Watarigarasu)→ Los†ears → DixeL → haku ~漆黒ノ時~)
Gu.夜命 (Yona) (ex-haku ~漆黒ノ時~)
Ba.蜘吊 (Chizulu) (ex-JEAZAS’CALL→premier amour→RieN→Dirty Darkling→haku ~漆黒ノ時~)


That breakdown though <3 They’re promising.

Feels much better than haku ~漆黒ノ時~ ^^

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1st Single “時雨” will be released at 2023/02/12. Digital release on 2023/03/12.

I followed this vocalist since Los†ears he has gotten so much better and this release is a good reflection on this. Amazing :slight_smile: