New band Ziä Funeräl has formed

As if Lüstzoë wasn’t bizarre enough, Atsushi (DÄLLE, deep.lloy, THE HATE HONEY) has formed a new group called Ziä Funeräl with Yu$uke (SiCx) and a newcomer to the scene in Iohani who is a part of the global group called ソノタノバ that formed in the midst of covid. ソノタノバ are a group of musicians that are located all over the world, but apparently come together in Japan to make it work occasionally? Sounds difficult…Anyway, this is their youtube and here’s the debut video by Ziä Funeräl.

Not my cup of tea as I must prefer the style of the music of Lústzoë and the vocals of Hiroki Katayama.
You can purchase Ziä Funeräl’s debut single on the Mayhem shop.