New band "ZIYOLA" has formed

New band “ZIYOLA” has formed.
1st SINGLE「共鳴」will be released at 2022/01/07.

“ZIYOLA” members:
Vocal: 小春(KOHARU)
Vocal: 紫紅-SHIGURE- (ex.Agarrta)
Guitar: 将(SHO) (ex.AVELDCAIN)
Guitar: 千桜-SAKURA- (ex.AVELDCAIN)
Bass: Bucchi (ex.Good Night World)

I add a song from the old project.

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Actually really liked the song so I bought it, happy I didn’t overlook them.

What the fuck is aveldcain


Nothing really remarkable, but super listenable and in the current state of things that’s good enough!

I’ll keep an eye on them