New idol band "July." has formed

July. Members are
甘宮ねむ (Amamiya Nemu)
ルキ (Ruki)
うの まあち Uno Maachi
けい (Keii)
耀 (you) (ex-Kousai Ravel)
りゅう (Ryuu)

This band is produced by the Raid./Co´COON Guitarist bo_ya

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Here’s hoping that they hear my plea to augment their name. It will be super challenging to keep up with a band named after a month of the year. Even something like JULY -JUST UNDER LIARS YOKE- would help them stand out so much more.

Signed, a fan who follows acts with names as awful as GREGORY, -OZ- (the ‘-’ makes it impossible to search on Google because that is interpreted as ‘not OZ-’ and nothing comes back…eventually they changed it to just OZ but even that doesn’t stand out much), MEME, Marco, A, and D.


My brain keeps bouncing btwn “Texas Out Of…?,” “they can only release during all other months of the year now” and “they’ve doomed themselves to sink”

i wanna know why the name.