New idol group "Vice Antoinette” has formed

New idol group "Vice Antoinette” has formed.

"Vice Antoinette” members:
御伽みお (ex.殲滅デスペラード(Senmetsu DESPERADO), 終焉デスペラード(Shuuen DESPERADO))

磨童まさを (ex.EREMES, 怪盗戦隊ヌスムンジャー(Kaitou Sentai Nusumunger), 殲滅デスペラード(Senmetsu DESPERADO), 終焉デスペラード(Shuuen DESPERADO))

幻羽りんく (ex.GRIMOIRE)

紅月 耀



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Rynk is from Grimoire, he purged his Twitter (and Instagram too I believe), and restarted it as Vice. He no longer names Grimoire in his bio’s, but I was still following the accounts, and other Grimoire members follow him, so it’s extremely obvious.

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Ah phuck it’s AI generated art again why.

Thanks, I edited the main topic.

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紅月 耀 (Kozuki You) is ex. Kousai☆RaveL (虹彩☆RaveL) → JYANOME → Jeoljang Minerva (절장 미네르바) → July.

紫咲びび (Shizaki Vivi) is ex.TOYBOX

btw the group is produced by 磨童まさを (Masawo) and 御伽みお (Otogi Mio) themselves


new mini album(?) “Antoinette Chéri” has been released on 8/31