New mysterious band "ARMADEA" has formed

New mysterious band named “ARMADEA” has formed and will begin their activities some time in 2021.
They will reveal more informations and a MV on 2021/09/04.


“ARMADEA” members:
Vocal: 一稀(Hazuki) (ex.VARED, DILLINGER)
Guitar: HIROYA
Guitar: Yamato (ex.DILLINGER)
Bass: 一磨(Kazuma)
Drums: LyieK. (ex.CLACK inc.)


i misread it as “born to be male” and thought that was really something.


Something feels off with that video.

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this is a interesting song.
The actual refrain is dissapointing, but everything else is pretty great.
The Video feels like they tried something different than usual but got cursed by their lack of budget.
but all in all still enjoyable
I look forward to hear more of them.

most probably the CG church, the nun outfit and how often they repeated this one shot of the girl which about to jump off.
it was probably the best looking shot from the PV, but they repeated it too often.

Hey this is pretty nice actually

I think it was the green screen transitioning from purple to a church and back and forth.

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it looks like a video game with a realism focused texture pack but i actually like that


Omg this is cool. I didnt know this DILENGER existed thank you for this.

not the biggest fan of what I hear there (def. not bad, just very generic), but I kinda dig they’re attempting to do something different with the video.


Pretty boring =\

They sounds decent, better than I expected actually.

I love this

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I think the video is actually well-done to the point of being uncanny.

Good song though I’m actually excited now !

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