New project "Suuuicide note" has formed

New project “Suuuicide note” has formed.
The 1st digital single “Suicide memory.” was released on 2020/12/01. The 2nd digital single “廃姫” will be released on 2021/01/13 and the 3rd digital single on 2021/02/13.

“Suuuicide note” members:
-support team.-
Gt.嫉-shitsu- (ex.篠突く雨(Shinotsuku Ame), Fi’Ance.)
Gt.masaki (ex.the Dice)
Ba.翼(Tsubasa) (ex.DIMLIM)
Dr. ???



the tracks souuund great.

What’s with the triple-u? Concept seems serious, but that spelling…

Well… I am nooot veeery impreeessed by theeeir fiiirst sooong

They spelled it right for the song title why couldn’t they do the same for the band name? It looks ridicuuulous.


i really like the chorus in the second song. i always liked ai as a vocalist.

also yeah, the band name is kinda weird for what’s clearly supposed to be a very serious concept project. Suicide Note is a cool band name, but Suuuicide Note…?

sooooooicide note


Suicide Note is nice but extra u’s or not it just reminds me of Death Note.

a new meme is coooming apppppparently lol



The 3rd distribution single “脈 ” will be released in advance at 2021/02/13.

Fiiixed thhhat fooor yooou.


Souuuunds niiiice

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-Special single- “Mary in UNDERGROUND.”
Release: 2021/03/01

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4th DIGITAL SINGLE “酸欠iDOL (Sanketsu IDOL)” has been released on 2021/04/24.

5th digital single “FIND THE DIFFERENCE feat.りあ” will be released on 2021/05/29.

Vocal: Ai (ex.VAN9ISH, TEARCiTY)
Vocal: りあ(Ria) (ex.HELLO.)
-support team.-
Gt.叶真(Tohma) (ex.dolore)
Ba.翼(Tsubasa) (ex.DIMLIM)
Dr. ???

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6th DIGITAL SINGLE “Mr.Umbrella” has been released at 2021/06/19.

7th DIGITAL SINGLE “キスマーク(Kissmark)” has been released at 2021/08/01.

8th DIGITAL SINGLE “優しい結末(Yasashii Ketsumatsu)” will be released on 2021/10/01.

Are they going to release an album with all these singles?

2 Vo. :thinking: no look good this situation

9th digital single “雪に溶ける黒猫” was released on 12/1

10th digital single, “慟哭のシリウス” will be released on 3/1