New vocal Unit "RONDE" forms.

New vocal Unit “RONDE” forms.

Vo. Kyougoku RotM (sirocma → Jilldre (ジルドレ) → RotM → Sarcastic → RotM solo , ALMA → Kuroi Senkou (黒い閃光) solo → ALMA , Kuroi Senkou (黒い閃光) solo → RONDE , Kuroi Senkou (黒い閃光) solo)
Vo. seiya (unworldly (solo))

Decided to form a unit together. The special about his unit is that RotM is located in Tokyo and seiya is located in Hokkaido.

Their first first mini-album Edelweiss (エーデルワイス) is planned to be released this November.

I’m not sure yet if it supposed to be seen as “Visual Kei”.

It’s Visual Kei x Metalcore