NICOLAS Dr.RITSU withdrawal

“doctor diagnosed that it would be difficult for him to continue band activities in the future”

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Damn i hope the jyulie gang stays together

he has left the band as of 8/29

Why is the writing on a pic -.- I can’t google translate

they posted the announcement on their website

they don’t really go into detail about Ritsu’s ailment, just straight up said doctor said no to further activities. I’m not really sure if his diagnosis was ever disclosed before unless someone follows them and knows more about it.


I followed them and this is the first I’ve heard of it. Kinda came out of nowhere.


If you Google image search the image and go to the text option it should let you highlight the text and then you can copy/paste it in a translator or you can just choose the translate option, this only works if the image is decent quality though.