Nicori Light Tours 7-month consecutive single release

Nicori Light Tours 7-month consecutive single release

The first is called “DATSU!!” and it will be released at 2022/03/25

“DATSU” will be released as a special NFT set on 3/15~3/24 (10,000 yen, limited 39 copies) through The NFT Records. It can be bought with a credit card rather than virtual currency. The single will then be digitally released on 3/25 at a hopefully more affordable price.

1.「DATSU!!!」3/25 Streaming Edition (Pre-stream)
2.「DATSU!!!」αyumu Only Singing ver,
3.「DATSU!!!」ko-hei Only Singing ver,
4.「DATSU!!!」you, kiyo Singing ver,
5.「DATSU!!!」Instrumental ver,
6.「DATSU!!!」Instrumental Guitar Up ver,
7.「DATSU!!!」Instrumental Keyboard Up ver,
8.「DATSU!!!」All members song-commentary movie
9.「DATSU!!!」Data of jacket photo with autograph
10. Right to credit your user name to the album jacket (planned release this autumn)
11. all items completed/NFT continuous purchase reward (additional reward for purchasing all 7 singles; details tba at a later date…)

yes this is real

“Welcome to the Destiny” will be released at 2022/04/15

1.「Welcome to the Destiny」4/25 配信版(先行配信限定)
2.「Welcome to the Destiny」αyumu Only Singing ver.
3.「Welcome to the Destiny」ko-hei Only Singing ver.
4.「Welcome to the Destiny」you, kiyo Singing ver.
5.「Welcome to the Destiny」Instrumental ver.
6.「Welcome to the Destiny」Instrumental Guitar Up ver.
7.「Welcome to the Destiny」Instrumental Keyboard Up ver.
8.「Welcome to the Destiny」メンバー全員での楽曲解説動画
9.「Welcome to the Destiny」サイン入りジャケット写真データ
10. 今秋リリース予定のアルバムのジャケットにユーザーネームがクレジットされる権利
11. NFT 購入7 カ月コンプ特典2/7(内容は追ってお知らせ)

“ダウナー” will be released at 2022/05/25.

“またね” (Matane) will be released at 2022/06/25

“カリスマメイカー" will be released at 2022/07/25.