NIGAI new digital single "replica" release

NIGAI new digital single “replica” will be released at 2023/02/27.

“NIGAI” members:
Vocal: 志輝(Siki) (ex.CANIVAL)
Guitar: 巡(Jun) (ex.フシアナ(Fushiana), DIEALO)
Guitar: 友我(Yuga) (シェルミィ(Shellmy))
Drums: セツ(Setsu) (ex.フシアナ(Fushiana), DIEALO)


Waiting for an album or maxi single for 1000 years :upside_down_face:

Good track tho :space_invader:

They have quite a few digital release, I need to get them <3

I feel nervous saying their name out loud :joy:

Now we cant pretend like this look didn’t serve! Song isn’t bad, but I think this band hasn’t yet found their stride. The guitar parts feel a bit clunky, but this is one of the best choruses they’ve written.

Edit: it’s growing on me LOL their best song yet!

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That look is A+, and I’m excited to see them evolve and improve! The song is pretty nice, looking forward to their future releases.

Slept on this, but it’s a good song.