Paledusk new digital single "TOPPA" release

Paledusk releases their new digital single “TOPPA” on 2021/12/15 (technically it’s already out, yay timezones!). HERE’s a list of platforms you can spin it at.

And there’s an official lyric video to go along with it:

It certainly is…something. :smiley: I wish they made it longer and explored all the musical themes they haphazardly threw at us in these 90 seconds, lmao. It’s fun I guess.


I don’t even know what to think. Their music gets more and more bizarre. Paledusk is, basically, Crystal lake on LSD.

Edit: I listened to the song, I’m surprised it’s actually pretty soft. You never know what you can get from them.


LOL I know, right… Wondering where they’ll go next.

Also it’s really time for them to release something longer, like an EP at least imo.

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