Paledusk to perform at LOATHE US Tour

Paledusk going to the US, after they just were in Australia some month’s ago.
They will tour throughout November and December.


This is a pretty great lineup, count me in!

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This is cool, Loathe are great for anyone who isn’t familiar with Western metal.

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What an absolutely stacked lineup, Loathe + Static Dress + Paledusk, holy shit.

Jealous of you 'murican folks!

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A late update here

But turns out that Paledusk is out of the tour, because they wasnt able to get their visa approved fast enough

On another note
Australians will get a chance to see Paledusk again
They will play as guests two shows with Electric Callboy

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Bummer I have my tickets and everything!

(Luckily Static Dress and Loathe rule so it should still be a good show)


They were doing so well and now

Bassist is leaving because of medical issues, and the drummer is leaving too, but still plays as support for them

On another note, not a lot will change, main composer and vocalist stay the same

Also they are searching for a manager.

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Wow, what a succession of bad luck for these guys… Hoping they’ll manage to regroup!

Seems like paledusk will go to the UK.

Let’s see if it will actually happen or not.