PENICILLIN new pamphlet CD "カタストロフィ" (Catastrophe) release

PENICILLIN new pamphlet CD “カタストロフィ” (Catastrophe) has been available for orders through their official webshop since 2022/11/09 to 2022/11/17 and will be shipped at 2022/12 (2 types, 7700 yen each)

M-1. anti catastrophe
M-2. Why?
M-3. 君の空へ
Bonus Track :ロマンス 〜classical ver.〜 [TYPE A only]

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I really dislike this way Penicillin has been operating recently. I love the band but I’m not paying this much.

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Yeah a 1500 yen value single priced over 7000 only for bundle yet another photobook…this is 5th in 2 years…WHO CARESSS

I understand it isn’t easy to earn money today for Japanese rock/vk band but those prices for a single… yikes.
Not very impressed by the lead track.