I mean, yes, obviously. lmao

I didn’t know there was a pokemon topic, but it feels like a good place to bring up Pokemon’s only VK rock star, Ryuki:

I have Pokemon Diamond on my DS lite that I restart every few years, but I can never get past the first couple of gyms once I remember that I can’t 100% the game without trading :frowning:

I beg you pardon? In which universe is Piers not a VK front men???

That hair can only be explained with visual kei


Now we only need a drummer

Also, we have these alts from the Gacha



I think Piers is based on British goth rockers as far as the story goes. But so are many vk artist’s styles, so I’ll accept it. Roxie works too, though she’s like an American grunge artists (she’s my favorite character.)
But Ryuki is the only one who feels to me like it’s based off an actual VK rocker.
Just a silly thing tho. No biggie.

Anyone here collect the TCG? I’ve recently gotten back in to it, I can play the game (not very well) but I prefer collecting for the artwork, some of the artwork is brilliant! For those who do collect, what’s your favourite Pokémon card art work? This is mine

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It would be so funny to have one band member be a pokemon :joy: but feels absolutely on point for the pokemon world. And all have music themed pokemon in their teams, like the Toxtricitys in the picture from Pokemon Masters (The Gacha).
Just no Jigglypuff on vocals :sweat_smile:

this is at the moment! Anything Snorlax related makes me happy :grin:

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I love this one too! A Snorlax collection would be cool!

Pokemon is my life. ): I’ve played all the main series games and I play PokeMMO when I have time. The new games aren’t as good imho I prefer the classic 2d top down style w/ linear navigation and more challening gameplay but it is what it is!

I also have a bunch of stuffed Pokemon dolls in my room! I don’t play w/ them anymore because yk adult but they are still there.

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