Post your Twitter!

I’ve recently got back into Twitter after knowing it’s a great platform for niche fandoms - especially K-pop, video games and anime. It’s a lot more engaging and fun than I remember it back in the day.

If anyone wants to share their Twitter profiles, I’d love to add!

Mine is

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I use Twitter mostly for my art, but it has a good dose of furry content, J-music, heavy metal, video games my personal life and occassional loud opinions.

Right there:

come and follow me!


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I don’t post much, I’m mostly just a lurker, but I’m

My twitter user id is Linhdesu
Feel free to follow me ^^ I post random stuff there :joy:


Here is my twitter page:
I mostly lurk, but I sometimes tweet random stuff, too XP

Recently started one for art (often :underage: content, you’ve been warned lol), my FFVII obsession and sometimes Genshin talk feel free to follow :blush:

Besides Fanarts (vk or indie jrock fanart), there is JPop related stuff, random ranting, Vk related stuff sometimes too…

Just like some of the people above, I mostly lurk around by reading and retweeting stuff!
I’ll try to start using it more lol !

Always down to make new friends and follow people with similar interests!

basically music, visual kei, anime, video games, etc. :slight_smile:

It’s basically a kpop stan account, but if you like retweets and random stuff, feel free to follow me~

I use Twitter probably more than anything else. Shitposting, occasional VK stuff, random rants, etc.

i’d love to make mutuals/friends. if you follow me and want a follow back, just let me know. :teddy_bear:

I want to start using it more often :blush:

I’m extremely active lol

Just staking my username on the site, I won’t be using it very often… But if you follow me, I’ll follow you back when I am on the site (just be patient)

I couldn’t make a Twitter account earlier but I’m using it with no problem right now??? Crazy. Will be following back everybody ASAP.