Post your Twitter!

Just started my acct…Please follow if you can :wink:
I am a hardcore lurker so don’t expect much activity from me.

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I created a new twitter, feel free to follow i’ll be posting about things I like

im on frequently on twitter only and russian sites mostly …
here is mine


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I made a new twitter to post my Merry scans!! Will try to update this daily!!

Hi 'm new here!
My twitter is :

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JRD @nameinbiography

it says that it’s a deleted account, did you change the username? :frowning:

my account is

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No, I deleted it altogether cuz I didn’t have time to make new scans to keep it active.

I’ll be sure to come back at some point, but not sure when. I’m sorry ;w;

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r_ff Give me reason to actually be on there. I tweet maybe once every month and follow 5 people currently.

This will hopefully work better. no still doesn’t see the _ before or after. x_x;
I started to use twitter since yesterday. I will post mainly my art here. Because I am a furry they will be quite some gay yiff retweets. So follow at your own risk. (I know right, you never could’ve guessed my twitter handle)
Debated posting the link here for a while, but there we go. I post my VK vid uploads here, and sometimes spam with scans and old pics I have. Other times just random shit, gaming talk, etc. Once in a blue moon I post art or writings lol My twitter is 18+ but I don’t normally post nsfw stuff except maybe horror-related RTs