Post your "UNPOPULAR" Japanese music opinions! / aka "HOT TAKES" :P

But I think he looks better than many others in that style. I like it.

I didn’t actually know REDEEMER was considered a bad album. It’s quite solid in my opinion.

Deluhi deserved better

Damn this song is so good


if a vkei band doesn’t show any sign of inclusiveness to the overseas fandom idgaf about them anymore

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legit feel redeemer > mirror fr

I will not be taking questions at this time.


People have to stop recommending Dimlim to VK fans or Metalcore fans.
Or at least mention the existence of Misc

Also I swear each month there is that one post in r/metalcore mentioning anything ala “japanese metalcore rules”
Then you find a huge amount of people comment the same 10 bands.
There is always someone who’s gotta mention DEG
And once in a while we get a stuff like this


I’ve meant to type this up for a while, but ADHD gets in the way. What can I say?

I don’t believe in giving people credit for ripping a CD. I always thought the concept was preposterous, and I believe that assigning rules around what people can and cannot do with rips they’ve been given even more preposterous. The latter is like selling a car to a new family, but saying they can’t use it during the week because you need it to drive to work. Is it your car or not? The former is appropriating language to mean something else entirely. Let’s get into it.

I don’t believe in assigning rip credit because ripping CD’s in 2023 is a brainlet task. Anyone can rip a CD, use a cyberlocker, host it on their YouTube channel, or otherwise make the data available. Ripping CDs ain’t shit. This has been something that has persisted since Monochrome Heaven, when piracy was much more blatant, but it exists in many circles I run in.

The credit lies elsewhere:

  • in paying money to acquire physical media
  • in giving back to a community that most of us have gotten so much from for free
  • in (possibly) supporting the scene directly (but only if you buy directly from the band)

I know I’ve said this before, but take a look at the non-visual international fan scene and then come right back because it’s not there. It’s not there because when it was there, circulation of media by trading only was defacto law. If you wanted to get serious, you weren’t getting anything for free unless someone took pity on you and gave you some seed material to start. To an extent, that relegated the news of new and promising non-visual acts to a circle completely separate from ours, where we aggressively promote anything and everything that comes out. That’s why there’s material that’s almost 20-25 years old out there with a small but dedicated fan base that preserved it and promoted it for all these years.

This “credit for rip” is a vapid attempt at replicating the same behaviors that sucked the life right out of the rest of the international Japanese music scene. If it needs to be said loud and clear then I’ll say it for you and it has no expiration date: thank you for your contributions. No, seriously. There are a lot of fans that leave the scene jaded and disconnected about their experience but promote and produce so much good content while they’re here. Spending money is a real consideration in many aspects that I respect, especially with enormous shipping fees. We’re promoting the music today that fans in ten years will look back and reminisce on and say “Man, it must have been so cool to have been following JILUKA when they were active in this period” and we can say “Yeah, yeah it was!”. I’m already in that boat, so I’m not talking outta my ass here. So yeah, thanks for that.

But we gotta stop with this whole lease mentality of “don’t share this rare thing I’m giving you”. Share or don’t. The boom already proved that pandering to us is economically and monetarily inefficient. It didn’t work then and it’s not gonna work now. Whatever we send their way is extra on top, but no band should ever be put into a make-or-break status because foreigners didn’t throw enough money their way. Local fans come first in the equation of making it big. A lot of us are really far away and we have to use resellers and proxy services to get our hands on these things, so we’re not supporting the band in that way, but we did spend a shitload of money. And I can totally understand how infuriating it is to have credit taken for your efforts, because this did happen on (now defunct) blogspots that were aggressively trying to promote themselves and taking MH’s delicate arrangement for granted. I don’t blame you if you don’t share. I really don’t. But there’s no half-assing it with digital files.

Claiming a specific rip as belonging to a particular person is asinine. It’s an arrangement of bits on the SSD. There’s nothing you can do to the arrangement of the bits to make them specifically yours that can’t be undone or doesn’t cause irrevocable damage to the file. Trust me, I have multiple degrees in this kind of stuff. Anyone else with the disc can make the same files, because that’s essentially what ripping is - making a copy. It’s almost as vaguely nebulous of a concept as NFT’s. Much like every example of NFT’s ever was absolutely terrible at explaining the underlying technology because of the dubious example of ownership of pretty much anything useful in the example was readily apparent, saying you own a copy something with perpetual conditions attached to its use doesn’t feel like ownership as much as it does a lease. A lease based on trust, one that’s not spoken down or committed to contract and that you will forget in five years. It’s a ridiculous assertion to insist people remember to not share specific files because you don’t want to feel like you wasted money and because it’s “yours”. It’s not yours, you don’t even own the music…

Let go of that toxic belief. No good comes of having so much self-worth wrapped up in buying obscure and limited releases of music of mid quality at best (I have a whole pantheon of thoughts about this, but another time) and distributing it with byzantine conditions that just intimidate people and limit the potential audience. I wish I could have told people on MH to “contribute to the community more freely without worrying about taking credit for things. There’s no Grand Tally keeping track of who has the most e-points. It’s not a competition; it’s a community.” I suppose I can tell JRO this now, as I think there’s some nugget of wisdom in that even though it’s a very different community. There’s no fabled VIP section where all the live distributed rarez get posted frame one (and there never was) - and the simple belief that such a section did exist bred negative sentiment that took ages to wash out of the community. There was nothing good then about putting restrictions around what can be shared and reshared, as the staff actually tried with an initiative called MH PREMIUM and the members responded with “yeah, we don’t like this” (and it’s where the [YOU NEED MH PREMIUM TO UNLOCK THE REST OF THIS MESSAGE] joke comes from). Members definitely look up to other members in this community but 90% of admiration is silent. It can be frustrating to feel like effort is in vain, but trust me if you’ve been around a while and you post there are people that look up to you. I swear half the trolls on both JRO and MH tried to emulate two members (that are still around) and they were no good at it, but that’s what I’m talking about. Admiration at wit so sharp they want to test their own.

I’m happy that JRO is much better about communicating intra-user feedback such as likes and replies. You actually get to feel like people are reading and responding to your submissions and it brings everyone together in a positive way. I think that’s the best way to combat that toxic belief system, but I also think the second half of that centers around having a “come to God” moment with live distributed releases and realizing that [PURCHASE MH PREMIUM TO READ THE CONTENTS OF THIS MESSAGE] but that’s a discussion for another time.