Post your "UNPOPULAR" Japanese music opinions! / aka "HOT TAKES" :P

Just wanted to add that I meant “entitled” in a legal phrase, like those commercials that say “you may be entitled to legal compensation”. I know his hard work made DEVILOOF go major, but what is he “entitled” to in compensation? Not sure, but I hope something.

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it’s not about royalties (which for a band of that size won’t be really significant anyway), it’s about them mooching off his recording and scoring a major contract while being not up to par with his skill level on their own.

if they parted ways on bad terms and they were self-managed at that point - he wouldn’t have much to deal with except for hoping they will play fair and respect his departure, launching whatever they typically do - a new single, a short hiatus and a gig 『Deviloof - NEW SCENE - une rêverie de tarte aux framboises et à la crème』with five new songs and 3x repeat of the first new single for the encore or whatever - and he would move on from that.

now that there’s a major label handling their business he actually can do quite a bit in regards to either being signed as well, if he has any interest in majoring, or in having his part of the discography removed from their streaming/performing catalogue.

VK is a tiny scene, and if they didn’t do any session or non-band stuff together with him after the og departure - which isn’t unheard of with former band members who drop out for w/e reason - they probably got a bit too far a bit too early, while giving him no credit.


Him going major is something I didn’t think about! However, not sure how enforceable getting his part of the discography removed from streaming platforms would be. And I’m not sure it will go over well with fans either. That’s why I’m so puzzled as to what he could get after all this time.

I think their fans are the type that will cancel devil-oof on spot and shift into jiluka/seiya’s next fulltime project fandom on a whim if this doesn’t get resolved in some reasonable way soon tbh

I don’t see a good number of their fans staying too long in general, given how fast their frontman dropped the looks on a label that is perfectly fine with handling full-on VK artists.

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For sure for sure. And I guess, beyond knowing details about Japanese copyright law, we would also need to know exactly what the publishing rights on the songs are

I think in MOST cases in the Western scene, artists who leave or are kicked out of a band still retain some of their publishing rights and benefits for anything that they were originally credited and given residuals for, e.g. I would be INCREDIBLY surprised if Jason Newsted wasn’t still getting royalty payments for purchases of any of the Metallica records he played on, or if Ben Moody wasn’t getting any royalties for all the songs he wrote and co-wrote for the first Evanescence record. Just because they aren’t in the bands anymore doesn’t mean they lost the copyright to their material, UNLESS either a: the contracts had the BAND (or more likely Amy, in the Evanescence example) retain all rights, regardless of who is/isn’t currently in the band, or b: the contracts stated that members relinquish these rights if they leave the band
Which, I wouldn’t be TOO surprised by either of those possibilities, since bands are often made into actual organizations/legal entities in and of themselves, separate and apart from the individual members of said band

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Hot take, 99.9% of all new japanese (VK)rock bands are trash. Like really bad.
You could say the same about new american rock bands, but still somehow the trash factor feels higher among the japanese for some reason.


maybe bc the influence of foreign trash, specially metal

I Don’t know man, most of the new VK bands were mostly inspired by 3rd generation VK (2000-2009) do you consider third generation trash?

Well its always has been since the beginning.
Besides, the ones who are influenced by modern metal schlock are still few and far between compared to the ones who repeated the same cliche over 2-3 decades ago.


I dont think kpop is always as negative as you make it.

Couldn’t agree more.

I dont like Kanetto Juusei. I dont like the fact that their songs follow the stroryline of a serial rpist and women auser. I dont get why they have such a big fanbase and their music isn’t that good either.

There is so much good kpop, and new good stuff comes all the time. Saying that it all just sucks is toxic and stupid imo, the korean popular music is def better than the american, for example. Actually i always have some kpop songs in the rotation for my most listened songs at the moment. For me its pretty crazy how much good stuff comes from there compared to for example Japan. Movies, tv series, music. Me and my gf are more or less only watching korean dramas recently lol. I dont consider myself biased either they just produce so much good stuff. Its undeniable at this point.
For rock its all japan though if we are talking asian countries. There is no korean band writing songs such as Houmonsha X :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not to rain on your parade, but your statements absolutely are biased. It’s all a matter of opinion. You can’t really say anything is undeniable because everything is open to criticism and there are many reasons someone can like or dislike something. Saying korean popular music is better than xyz is a one dimensional way of thinking and opinions on it will depend on who you talk to.

Me personally, I think the production value of Korea’s entertainment industry has gotten way better, but I find the content to be of lesser quality, unappealing, and sometimes distasteful. I prefer the purity and sincerity of the older age of K-media. It wasn’t as glammed up and beautiful, but I resonated a lot more with it whether it be characters and scenarios from a drama or songs by a particular artist.

In general though, I actually prefer media from any other country over Korea’s. Could just be because I am Korean so I grew up with it my whole life, but I’ve found that there’s a lack of experimentation and pushing boundaries. And especially so in the pop industry. You won’t find artists like Bjork, Sophie, or, hell, Grimes in the Korean mainstream. But experimentation being a good thing is dependant entirely on if you like that in the first place. We probably like pop music for different reasons, but none of those reasons are better or worse than one another.

Not to slam on you, but I’ve seen you making a lot of comments lately calling out others for making “negative” comments. But in fact, you’re doing the same exact thing. You may not be using negative words like “bad” or “sucks”, but you’re comparing your interests with other interests and talking about it like it’s superior. It’s actually the same kind of toxic conversation that you’ve been criticising.

Again, not trying to burn you. But I want to encourage you to explain more on why you feel something is good or bad. What is it exactly you like? The singing talent of a group? The compositions? The way a melody is written? These kinds of details generate better discussion. Throw us an example of a good band or two and tell us why you think they’re good. But don’t just tell people that they’re spreading bad vibes when they’re having perfectly civil discussions if you’re not going to add anything to the actual discourse.


Yeah I see what you mean. I agree, like I said there isn’t sukekiyo in Korea but the general quality of pop music is high imo, much catchy stuff is released. There is some pretty interesting super indie stuff from Korea tho, and bjork’s stuff was never considered to be mainstream music.
Regarding movies and tvseries korea might be number one on the planet right now when it comes to quality and creativity. The whole west is drowning in “the message” and Japan isn’t producing much good either recently. 90s or early 2000s tho, damn Japan was hot and killed it with mainstream music, dramas and movies.
Btw I am half Japanese while I grew up in EU, I have lived half my life in Japan. So I dare to say that I know japanese stuff pretty well.
Interesting to discuss with you! Peace and cheers!

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I love the Korean indie scene right now. It has more of the diversity that I’m looking from in Korean music and there are quite a lot of burgeoning artists. At the moment Onthedal and Adoy are probably my favorites for incredibly chill yet sonically rich music. That’s fair, I think mainstream was the incorrect word to use here. Perhaps popularity or fame? She was moving a million CDs by her second album so I just meant people knew her name even if they might not have listened to her.

I mean, that all comes down to personal taste. I’m not into kdramas but have watched a handful myself over the years and caught glimpses when my sister watches one. It’s rare that I feel like I’ve seen something truly unique. I can’t argue that the production value of Korean media is top notch, but when it comes to stories and scenarios, I honestly feel like not much has changed since the 90’s. The execution has no doubt evolved though.

I’m more into horror films or classics. I find the cinematography a lot more engaging, the scenarios more interesting, and in many cases feel like I’m left thinking deeply about aspects of my life that are usually left unchallenged. And a lot of these movies are just from the past 3-5 years (Mid Sommar, The Lighthouse, The Medium). I’ve tried watching Korean horror movies, and they just don’t hit the same. Train to Busan got a lot of praise so I gave it watch and I couldn’t understand it. The only one I still think about to this day is A Tale of Two Sisters. I love that movie.

We’re both probably looking at very different things when determining what’s creative or high quality. But I know there are tons of people who agree with you because a lot of people I know watch a lot of kdramas.

What do you mean by “the message”? Do you mean like, woke messaging?

I’ll defer to you on that haha. I only know anime and music from that era but nothing else. I agree though, Japan’s output in the 90’s/2000’s was killer. In general though, I feel like everything was just exciting in that era. A lot of bands hitting their peak, a lot of new movements starting or getting exposure, there was a lot of good and sometimes hidden stuff to discover.



thats great, i am looking forward for some recommendations @ghost if u dont mind (: