Post your "UNPOPULAR" Japanese music opinions! / aka "HOT TAKES" :P

Earlier people talked about when VK peaked and ended.

I could write an essay on this but I can say that one of the reasons is that the crazy japanese companies did not let their bands promote themselves on youtube. If you wanted to watch their pv you had to buy some fking special version or something, from a site that was all in japanese.

It was fun when it lasted, I am happy I was there from the beginning to the end.

Today the vk/jrock bands worth listening to are less than 10. Everything else is crap. New vk bands suck ass. Sorry to write so harsh, but I am really sad it ended this way.
Is there a chance they can turn it around for another peak? No. People simply don’t give a shiat anymore, sorry to say it. Japanese things are not “excotic” and “mysterious” anymore. And to earn money on music in especially Japan is BRUTAL.

Much negativity here but I’ll say that for example Matenro Opera is really good. A really good band. So many bangers and their recent releases are all wins. I personally also like Mucc, I think they have a good sense to release good songs with really catchy choruses, and have a deep discography worth going through with many hidden gems. DeG is good and classic with many bangers like listen to Different Sense, and see when it was released and remember what I just wrote above… but it feels like they now are tired. Even though they had some really good songs on Phalaris like 13 and Perfume of Sins, I feel we arent far away from a disbandment.

Well that was some rambling, I wrote an essay after all. I guess I am to passionate about this that I cant just keep it short. I really love jrock/vk its a huge part of my life but it is overall dead today, the small activity there is on life support. Bands disband all the time because they again, cant earn any money and start to work as hosts, star in gay p*rn or at the local convience store. Thats a way better way to earn money than trying music. Sadly.

U have said most if not all of this already though

This is blasphemy. You know where the door is. If they disband in the next 6 month it is your fault alone as you wrote it into existance.

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Old man bands have no reason to disband. They’ll just have a hiatus later—there’s no point.

Edit: by “hiatus” I meant reunion. Now it makes sense.