PSYSALIA 人 (PSYSALIA Hito) new digital EP "YES SIR, I DID." release

PSYSALIA 人 (PSYSALIA Hito), the band of former Psysalia Psysalis Psyche members, is releasing a new digital EP titled “YES SIR, I DID.” on 2022/03/15.


  1. YES SIR, I DID.
  2. Alone Ramone
  3. 千の太陽より明るい閃光 (Sen no taiyou yori akarui senkou)
  4. YES SIR, I DID. (Fuck ver)

Check back here tomorrow for the streaming links:

edit: They premiered one of the new tracks a few days ago:

Sounds a bit closer to PPP style than their first few songs! Pretty nice.


Of course, if there’s a new PPP release I’m here!

They also posted a new band picture that unveil the (already known) lineup:

HALUNA (bass)
Kentaro Kamata (guitar)
Shion Uchida (vocals)
Shun Shibamoto (drums)
Toru Matsumoto (guitar)

Uchida, Matsumoto and Kamata were all members of Psysalia Psysalis Psyche.
While HALUNA was in Shion’s band COYOTE MILK STORE and Shibamoto was in YOUR ROMANCE, a band in the same label as Matsumoto’s solo works.

There’s also doing their first live today :

And I just finished listening to the EP and I really enjoyed the third track in particular, I’m all for experimentation when it comes to PPP so I’m not deceived with this one!

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Thanks for all the info! :slight_smile: I’m gonna listen to the EP later today.

Here are some pics from the live, apparently a collab with some fashion brand / fashion show (hence the outfits? lol).

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Yes! They’ve been frequent collaboraters with KIDILL for years, I remember seeing that Toru made the soundtrack of one of their defiles some years ago.

Btw, the show is available here → KIDILL (TFA) 2022 A/W Collection | Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2022 A/W - YouTube
It’s only 3 songs but it’s still great to see them live! (and they still got the crash in the drums ahah)

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I didn’t know the live was streamed, nice! Thanks for the link.

Also, solid EP! Track 3 is definitely giving me big PPP vibes.

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