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(also, why do I still remember a video with 30k views from 15 years ago…)

Good luck, you got this :+1:

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After years of trial and error music theory just clicked today. I’ve finally understood how this all works. It made me so happy man. Currently learning sharp keys and their modes. I want to clarify something, if I take a simple chord progression like 1-3-5 in a key of C major and start it with D so the D minor would be the first chord, does it mean that the song is going to be in dorian ?

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Dolly’s menhera phase…

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene,
I’m begging of you rise and kill the God


I’ll take a german suplex to go pls, extra strength pls

Are there any luthiers on this forum? Or people who have experience with woodworking? (More specifically using water soluble stains)

I think I originally wrote about it a year-or-so ago, but I enrolled on an instrument building course at my local adult education centre, and my project has slowly but surely progressed to the point where I’m staining the wood to make it look not boring! I’m kinda tipsy and this will be rant-y so I’ll put it under a cut and apologize if I don’t make any sense.

My adventure using water soluble stains

The course instructor recommended to use a Clou-brand water soluble stain. No problem, it’s available at a local store so I’m able to buy it easily. (I’m still not over my emo phase, so I’m using black.) He also says it won’t last for a long time, probably a week or so. That’s ok too, I figure I’ll get it done in the span of a day or two and start the project on Sunday.
The instructions on the packet say to dissolve the powder into hot water and let it cool down before using it. I’ll do that, and slap on a few coats to the body and neck. It looks good, but not quite as dark as I want it to, so in the the next few days I’ll apply a new coat or two in the afternoon/evening after coming home from work.

Now here’s where my problems begin. Around Wednesday I notice that in the upper parts of the body the stain has dried a bit weird. There’s clear lines and very noticeable areas where the edges have dried white, kinda like how hard water leaves water stains on glasses.
I sent a couple of photos to the instructor and he said it might be glue residue? But the parts of the body that have those white stains haven’t been in contact with glue? Like, ever? I did, however, did what he instructed, which was to sand down the affected areas and re-apply the stain. (The neck did actually have glue residue left at the base, and sanding it helped a lot, but those didn’t look at all the same compared to the body)

So, does anyone know what’s causing the weird white areas? The water from my tap (which I used to make the stain after boiling it in a kettle) is relatively hard, I think. Could that be the reason why the stain dries weird? Like did the hard water cause the stain to go bad quicker? Should I have used filtered/sterile water to make the stain in the first place?

The best part is that I’ve been re-applying it in the span of a week and I just ran out, so if the current layer doesn’t dry properly (which, honestly, I don’t expect it does) I’ll need to order a new pouch of the powder. It’s not too expensive, but most of it looks ok and I don’t think I’ll need to use all of it, so a lot will be wasted… :pensive:

it’s the mineral salts in the water, yep. they’ve settled in the wood structure and won’t come off now. you can try rubbing the stained area with a bit of vinegar or lemon juice and hopefully that will break down the mineral build-up, and I hope that the stain pigment won’t be affected either if it’s just black.

are you going to varnish the wood afterwards?
if you’re using oil-based or any other permanent varnish to seal the wood, the solution will likely dissolve the salts in the wood to a large extent during application and settling, and you won’t notice the streaking too much once it’s cured.

the idea for water-based dyes is to either used distilled bottled water, or to run your tap supply through a brita before heating it up if you see a lot of mineral build-up in your kitchen kettle forming fast. I’m surprised your instructor didn’t warn you about that if he lives and works in the same area though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I used up all the remaining stain last night and now almost the entire body has white streaks on it :upside_down_face: The neck, however, looks great and has no marks on it. (They’re made of different types of wood, maybe that’s why?)
Should I just order a new batch of the stain, use distilled water to make it and just re-sand and re-stain the whole thing? I’ll be using shellac for the finish, but I’ll try to keep it semi-matte. Since the shellac will be made with ethanol would that make the marks better or worse?

At this point I can’t remember if the instructor said anything about the water in advance or not, he might’ve but that was probably weeks ago and I forgot.

if you know what type of wood it is, you can check its acidity… if it’s in the table, and its Ph is under 7, it’s acidic.

I would try doing the acid wash/rub-in treatment on a small patch, and see if it clears up.

if that doesn’t work out, sanding and painting over would make sense.

I don’t remember if ethanol is used to remove salt stains, most likely no; can you ask the instructor if he/she can recommend some sort of shellac tint as a last resort maybe?

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Should I use straight vinegar or dilute it?

The instructor has some orange tinted shellac that he’s not using often, so he agreed to sell me some. He said it’ll deepen the black stain a shade or two, but I’ll have to text him and ask if it’ll work on the salt stains.
Our next class is in 2 weeks, so I have time to play around with it.

I’m not sure… google tells me it’s meant to be diluted 1:1

where I’m at there’s vinegar essence, it’s very concentrated, and there’s imported cooking vinegar, which is typically used as is, so idk

I’d test it on a small patch and see if it removes the salt thing without potentially washing a lot of unvarnished pigment out; vinegar evaporates quite fast, so it shouldn’t be too long in terms of trying out.

Update: I needed 40 points to pass, and I got 47. Next is the written assessment in January.

Ya boy is really close to becoming a real lawyer


Casually browses web, suddenly reminded of the fact that I postponed my bar exam thrice already

can’t blame this on anything but disenchantment with life not a single socially acceptable reason just a lot of “work / study but WHAT for”

Everyone needs a lawyer, besides… u will be always be busy :slight_smile:

btw congrats

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Two days ago, a thousand people fainted due to extreme heat and dehydration at a concert on Taylor Swift’s tour in Rio. Organizers banned entry with bottled water, placed shields on the stadium’s ventilation and the floor was made of metal exposed to the sun . The situation was so bad that a girl died.

The family did not receive any support from the event producer or the TS team, and fan clubs had to organize themselves to raise money to pay the costs of transporting the body back to the state where she lived. At today’s show, fan clubs had organized a series of protests and tributes to be made at certain moments of the presentation. TS played an extremely rushed show and cut the spaces in the setlist where protests were planned.

The whole situation is a mess and super bizarre

(Edit to make it better written)

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where’re the verxina girlies at…

On this years Thanksgiving Eve, I am thankful for Lulu


My bestie is such an admirable person for sticking with me through thick and thin … just the past 30 days I turned down invitations to 1) Evanescence concert 2) local comic con 3) Wonka premiere and swore I’d watch The Office maybe 5 times and even w my crippling OCD shes like “o lets go to the anime con u like next year then”

Made me really happy for a split second but then I realized she may not only be extremely bored but also get some “is that the new girlfriend” looks bc ppl (as I’m generally unsocial and not talkative) knew me for 1) always walking around with a different guy friend (too shitty at social interactions to have friends only guys who wanna get in my pants and stop talking to me when they realize they won’t) 2) walking pride parade tastes and felt sorry. Is this depression or well-justified negativity lol good thing I have a lot of fun things to look forward to like checks notes study for bar exam yes

Squashed the beef with my neighbour grandpa today, he complimented my car and now we are friends. From enemies to lovers :cupid: