Random thoughts thread

yeah, right. some ppl prefer regarding those all-over-the-place or totally-random shits as avantgarde stuffs.
also, your name reminds me of Kneuklid Romance and Tetsu era of Malice Mizer… also good old days xD

Holy mother of clusterfuck has this situation evolved for the worse. I’m not going to bother to recap the events that’ve unfolded, there’s plenty of high-profile news-tubers who’ve done just that over the past 48hrs.

Niji’s stock is unstable and mass unsubscriptions in the hundreds of thousands across all EN channels and some JP. EN and a subset of JP fans being on opposite sides of the fence lobbing insults (translation woes, misinformation, and differing cultural sensibilities being some of the catalysts.) Content vultures covering the story adding f-all to the convo. As I type this Niji is probably in the midst of canning another talent (Scarle).

Shit’s crazy yo


visunavi changed again and now is only a news vk page no more band profile infos… its end of a huge era. i miss the old one :cry:



I produced cringe for our Twitter



Just reminding everyone to take care of themselves, mentally and physically, and that you’re loved even if the current moment is scary, confusing, distant, and/or hard to deal with.


Its a bad day to be artist today… AI will be become strong asf

I have no idea how u even bring rotting fish on a plane with you but whoever did that was VK af

I’m thinking a NIL stan did that tbh

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Almost chucked my laptop into the stratosphere during a meeting with a particular co-worker. Girls gotta standardize everything. I swear if you gave her the power to she’d standardize what emojis to use when responding to people. She’s the type to create more work for people to make things “better” or “streamlined”. But lady, I can’t keep track of these because I’m still learning the last 15 things you standardized under your last breath.

I was ready to be stressed all day but I took a step back to cool down. Did some breathing excercises and cleared my mind. I’m realizing there’s nothing to be stressed about because we’re just different people. I don’t HAVE to be bothered by her if I keep my ego at the door and just focus on myself.

I’m also understanding that for myself, corporate just isn’t it. Tedious discussions to discuss whether a button color should be blue or grey, mandatory meetings where nobody participates anyways, trying to please stakeholders even if that means work bleeds into personal life, messages from leadership that I know is all pomp and BS because they’re leaving in a few months anyways to be replaced by another person who’ll do the same. It’s an endless run on a treadmill until I fall or someone pushes me off.

I want to work and live for myself for once. When the time is right I want to leave this setting and pursue something that makes me happy. At the very least, I want agency over my work and how to do it. Changing from one company to another isn’t going to easily change that. Maybe I should just quit and use my savings to develop something edgy…like tenga products.


Mark my words, once the masses start playing around with this, a select recreational drug user who just blew their money on the Apple Vision Pro will be the first to experience a trip that no mortal ever has.

OpenAI Sora videos in VR (if it can do the stereoscopy thing right), or the best versions of both in the future, have to eventually be used for some sort of therapy. Shit looks like my dreams.


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why type of outfit is kyo wearing? It’s like a suit dress thing with harnesses I wanna buy something similar to that, it looks so cool.

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do JSR/JSRF-themed nightmares count as early leaks, or?..

I woke up absolutely shivering and fucked up after watching someone immerse in a night level bit with a police chase and what looked like an unfolding fractal labyrinth overrun with robots, and I’m trying to figure out if that was just my brain starved for vidya (didn’t touch a single thing after laying elden ring off one hour in and realizing I don’t have time for anything anymore) or I was like reliving some past experience in a weird metaphorical form, but why today omgggg


Mrs. Incredible was thicc theeyuck

shoutouts to the folks making vk threads on /wsg/ :eyes:

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Proud to be Brazilian :tipping_hand_man:

You play the new JSR styled game yet? Its like cyberfunk bomb rush or something


You didn’t ask me but I did!

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That would surely be insane, as a teenager I often took massive doses of DXM which would get me to the point where with my eyes closed anything I pictured in my mind I could see as if I was there, exploring alien worlds that I created sometimes in first person sometimes in 3rd person(where it would feel like my consciousness was above/behind me to the left a bit. On doses where I was still able to function media was incredibly immersive (Having dir en grey music videos or anime like Cat Soup or End of Evangelion on the TV in a black light lit room with lava lamps was such a nice escape from life) so I can’t comprehend what VR would be like in such a state