Random thoughts thread

ME “used” to be good. their newer stuff is pretty generic for me, i used to like them bc nacht is VERY good, but i started to dislike them the moment they grew into something to “appeal” to the visual kei fans more. ME started out as a black metal project, but since there is like none vkei bm, kyuho shifted into something more “avant gardeish” which i dont like. this is ofc just my opinion

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Seems like I can’t visit this forum without using my VPN now… How strange… The issue might go away after a day, hopefully.


I’ve been spending two days going thru pics after pics after pics and I can’t figure out what’s different about Yugiri from Daizystripper other then he did something to the bridge of his nose/nose itself. I saw a video of him and Kouki from D=out and I was like “Who is this guy?”

drum and bass intensifies

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“2 bandomen 1 guitar” comming in soon

oh no

also, anybody want to start an april fools thread?

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Goodbye march… it was okay.

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I hardly saw any vk April Fools posts this year…bummer :confused:

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Were we the best?

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In comparison we were wildin on r/metalcore


Just another day on r/Egypt

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idk if he’s searching for specific reccs, i think dousing his orifices in prerogative — the unisex fragrance by britney — before heading out clubbing should do what he’s looking for, but it might need a couple attempts to really activate

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DIAURA guys… cmon, add the new release on streaming services :expressionless:

I saw the both types for 1000 yen to sell lol


i literally love her omg

10 years really… could be nice a new release pls


記事はこちら▶️https://t.co/HpBn3y5F07#花少年バディーズ pic.twitter.com/K6ePUC5qKm

— びじゅなびJAPAN (@visunavi) April 5, 2024

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A few kgs of cds just arrived today :sparkles:

why is it so hard to just start with a 3D animation software, like
I don’t even get the module properly imported into SFM.
at least in art you can say you do progress,
but I can’t do progress in importing a file properly I either continuisly fail or get it done at some point.

I feel like Azealia beefing with KGB babby from the royalè house of lords (baron of siberia omg) is the real reason Putin is bald and not regrowing but the media won’t tell us about it

like OMGGGG?????