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Check out ROUAGE - CHILDREN on vinyl! There’s so much more depth in sound than the digital version. Don’t let this escape your collection! Message us and get it for $55 before it goes to Discogs.


CDs, pamphlets, and photobooks abound! Page through LAREINE, FEST VAINQUEUR, D, PIERROT, and more, plus new items in the Bargain Bin Recently Added Items

Jin-Machine, Royz, geno, LAREINE, and other fantastic CDs and photobooks appear today! Don’t forget to check out all the 450 + item auction goodness either Recently Added Items

We’ve added 15 “new” items to our Bargain Bin section (each briefly appearing on the New Items page today)! Each week, we select items for the Bargain Bin that are older listings that may have gotten lost in the shuffle, and they are highlighted and given steep discounts. Recently Added Items

It’s CD and demotape day! Come get DADAROMA, XAA-XAA, Cecil, Eile de Mu, and more Recently Added Items

It’s a CD bonanza today! Come get Sick², BUCK-TICK, MERRY, HYSTERIC BLAME, and more Recently Added Items