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Enjoy new additions of X JAPAN, Charlotte, JILS, Dear Loving, and more as we continue our Visual Blizzard! We’re also giving away a Limited Edition copy of the GazettE’s Beautiful Deformity, see the front page for details. Recently Added Items

We continue our series of Visual Blizzard giveaways with a copy of the GazettE’s Beautiful Deformity (Limited Edition)! This box set looks amazing in all its grotesque detail, and includes 30 mini-posters as well. Shipping is free to anywhere in the world. Visual Blizzard Giveaway

BAISER, Doremidan, EllDorado, 12012, and more have landed on the store and are up for grabs! Recently Added Items

CODOMO A, Deshabillz, lab., Shulla, and more burst onto the scene in today’s update! Recently Added Items

SEX-ANDROID, ADAPTER。, NIGHTMARE, JASSY, make their way onto the store! Recently Added Items

The Visual Blizzard rages on with VIDOLL, PANIC★ch, emmurée, Golden Bomber, and more! Find your way through and grab them while they last. Recently Added Items
There’s only one day left to enter the giveaway for a limited edition copy of the GazettE’s Beatiful Deformity! See the front page of the store for details.

La’cryma Christi, Arc, MASCHERA, DaizyStripper, and more are here with their blissful tunes! Recently Added Items

We’re having a Holiday Sale through the end of December! Get 10% off all your favorite visual kei CDs, DVDs, demotapes, cheki, and more!

Here’s a summary of the new items on the store this week

It’s Val’s birthday, and she’s opening the vaults of her personal collection! This will be your ONLY chance to get some of these CDs, DVDs, and demotape of SEIKIMA II, Inugami CIRCUS Dan, MELODY, DANGER GANG, and more! https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added
Don’t forget our Discord event starts at 5PM EST today. Sit back with comfy winter-themed videos. https://discord.gg/jCqUePE

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Feast your eyes on pleur, Klein Kaiser, D≒SIRE, Chronosphere, and more! These are almost all single-serving only, so don’t delay. https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added
As a reminder, we are on break until the 28th. Any orders placed today will ship when we return.

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