RAZOR new maxi-single "CRIES OF ART" release

RAZOR new maxi-single “CRIES OF ART” will be released at 2022/10/18 (2 types)

TYPE A (2000yen) will include CD (2 songs) and DVD including “CRIES OF ART” MV
TYPE B (2000yen) will include CD (3 songs) and download card


Wonder if they put anything more artsy in this release, but I doubt it.


Hope its heavy


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Wow what a banger !
I wanted a good catchy single after the soft Countdown and Union and them to come back to a heavier sound, and it’s even better than expected.
Well done Razor.


Didn’t really like the UNION single, but this sounds amazing! :heart_eyes: Can’t wait for it to come out!

the song and their look is 100% beautifully perfect ! :smiley:

Ooooh this is sounding nice! Bit more back to the sound of their earlier days.

As a RAZOR stan, i am v v v v v happy.

He used some different growls in this one. Kind of sounded like Hiro at times haha. Working on them vocals I see

M3.LAZY DOLL (type B only)

CRIES OF ART (Music Video) (type A only)

type B is also said to have a “download card with various downloadable content

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:upside_down_face: I wonder whats on the card O_o

I saw a video on Twitter a while back of him taking a lesson with MAHONE (metal vocal coach) and being impressed with his improvement. I hope he continues to implement that style more in future songs.

Good. Hopefully he’ll stop doing those weird nasally sounding cartoon voice parts if he has a wider range of good vocal styles to use.

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Good for him. All crafts need continued training so I most definitely support that.

He also noticed some vocalist in VK like Hiro and Kagami actually use trained vocals and wanted to up the bar for himself. Ruki had did that also.

I hate this cartoon voices from him so much. I really hope he could addapt into other voices.

Ryouga looks frickin’ dope. Also, can’t believe they’re only 6 years old. Feels like they’ve been around forever at this point.

Anyone seen those full B-sides yet?