Has anyone else just randomly gotten recognition/likes/follows from VK band men??? Because um… I would like to ask Tomo and Ryo why they were just looking through my Instagram story? And a few days ago Ryo liked 2 of my posts. Guys please, let me be, I’m just a little fan sobs


I had this account of Shiki from Babykingdom watch my stories too twice. According to a Japanese bangya I’m friends with the account is legit, but run by managers instead of the bandmen himself.
I have no clue what the point of this is. Maybe it’s to gather information about the current fanbase ¯_(ツ)_/¯

L from MEME follows me on twitter for some reason …

Going through his following list once made me wonder what are his criteria to follow bsck people ( the guy his “follow back” feels totally random)

Anyone on Instagram has probably a follow back from Juka
Also Mikage follows an dump of people (is he trying to make a record on how many people can he follow on Instagram?)

I got a follow back from Chirolyn (the bassist in Hide’s backing band) on my old Twitter account, but he does that to everyone who follows him.

I think the most recognition I got was from Jun from gotcharocka liking my tweets when I wished him a happy birthday.

Got 2 likes from Nero (the Desperado) and 1 from Tara (royal rat - idol group) on ig. I was kinda surprised by the latter.

I followed this Oshare Kei bandomen named Kannon (forgot the band name lol) on Instagram and on one of his pictures I called him 愛おしい (cute, darling) and he replied back with ありがとう (thank you). I still get a high from that to this very day ngl

I interacted with Kyouka from Alien’e Ma’riage a few times. He would watch my Insta stories and if they mentioned him, then he would like them and repost them on his story saying thank you. He posted one of my replies on his post where I spelled his name wrong in Japanese and I apologized after. He accepted my apology and said that my Japanese is good and that it’s okay to make mistakes because Japanese is hard for English-speakers to learn. He’s such an awesome guy, I was so sad to hear his retirement announcement last year!

I also talked to Juka like twice, I remember once we talked about his house lol

I also have some bandomen following me on Instagram and Twitter, liking my replies, nothing crazy though.


@Jari_CW is followed by Yoshiki on Twitter. He once catched him while he was stage diving during a concert. Someone took a video of it, Jari posted it on his Twitter tagging Yoshiki, and he randomly decided to follow him haha

We have some Japanese bands follow us on Twitter (a crowd of rebellion for example), but no VK bands though.


From what I personally experienced, most vk bandmen these days just do the follow thing so that you’ll follow them back and that’s it (and then later they might sneakily unfollow you, lol). At least on Twitter that’s what I noticed when random band accounts did that practice.

Back in the day I followed/friended some bandmen on Facebook. I had fun exchanging short messages with some of the older guys there like Sadie Pink Galaxy or Asaki (ex-Guniw Tools). For a while Asaki would write me happy birthday via Messenger, but I assume he did that to everyone probably, haha.

My greatest (although non-vk) accomplishment is Kenichi Asai writing me back on a question-and-answer part of his website that he used to have. I wrote something to him in broken Japanese, he wrote me back in broken English, equilibrium achieved. :laughing:


Shoutouts to Vambi (ex-LOG) using his second twitter account to DM and follow everyone with a pulse + who liked anything vk-related on twitter about their first single. He DM’ed not only me, but several others on MH with twitter accounts back in the day. Now VAMYUN (channel he has w/ former bangya (?) -turned-idol/actress gf) has 2.26M subscribers. Hey, a go-getter attitude like that pays off sometimes, and he totally deserves his success based on his work-ethic.

There are a handful of bands and bandomen that are actually subscribed to me on YouTube, like Jill-Prince for example. All I do is supply rarez tho ¯_(ツ)_/¯ .

*Just remembered I’ve also communicated to members of DEVILOOF by proxy thanks to MH resident promoter for them (and a handful of other bands) at the time. TBH, it’s actually a much smaller world in vk than one might think, and there are several current-and-former members on the forum who contact bandomen on a regular basis. While I don’t feel the need to, it is possible to get into circles as long as you’re respectful and don’t spam stupid shit to your honmei.

Bands being on insta is a much more recent thing and their followings there are much smaller overall, so it is EXPONENTIALLY easier to make contact there than on twitter. Even on tanuki the gya say it’s possible to connect via Insta DM but many guys have their twitter DMs closed. A lot more foreign fans are on insta as well, so it seems to be a newer frontier with less of the baggage from twitter. I’ve had band guys like my comments on their photos, like some of my random photos, or like my messages/reactions to stories. If you post stuff about them, they’ll usually like it, but some guys do go around and like random stuff (Nero has also liked some of my photos, as well as a different member of Royal Rat).

If you go on insta lives and comment something relevant in Japanese, they’ll often respond too, since they’re a bit less formal than Twitcasts. Ray from Deviloof gave a very detailed answer as to why Marth is his favorite Super Smash Bros. character (most of which I didn’t understand, but alas :sleepy:).


Well, what’s more curious is I don’t follow him …

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I randomly got a bit of like spam from The Desperado guy (Nero I think) on instagram at 3am his time too lmao Yuuri and Mel (grimoire/rorschach inc) follow me but they follow back most people I think. Chihiro ex-ZXS has had me on follow for years on twitter for some reason. Uh… ame ya same used my screenshot of their concert in their tweet recently? If that counts (made me super happy though)


He said this is the very reason he follows people, so people without t a s t e can find him

For real?
Then again, the guy made a skin apron, yeah he is probably for real :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@patientZERO so you music taste has been accounted as trash by L, as it seems

No that part was from me, I represent the skin apron gang


That reminds me the skin apron gang got recognized basically too.

Yepp my skin was on the apron too :relieved:


Issei blocked me, does that count


Sho from Lacroix Despheres followed me on instagram. He unfollowed me fast…