REVIVE new online limited single "パピルス(Papyrus)" has been released

REVIVE new online limited single “パピルス(Papyrus)” has been released at 2021/03/27.


I add a MV in case you don’t know the project:

ohp · Twitter · Official Store


OMG the previews sound good im getting this

The last two singles have sounded excellent I hope I can remember to keep up with them !!

New limited digital single “MIN DESCENDANTs” has been released at 2021/08/11.


Omg love it

Great song! So it’s a digital single available to purchase only via their webshop for a limited time?

I believe so and I’m pretty sure you need to live in Japan or have a Japanese address/use a proxy? Really don’t understand why if shipping isn’t even a factor or maybe I misunderstood something.

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They don’t ship it, you just receive a link to download the song

it sounds incredible

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They really are a good, solid band. But man, they are criminally underrated.

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In case anyone didn’t know they made their first mini album Operation Calamity available digitally as well as a new version of their first full length The Final Prologue with a few extra songs.


That’s cool! I’ll check

They deserve some love Highly recommend to buy their music :innocent:

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