Rides In ReVellion new single “死にたい夜を越えて” release

Rides in ReVellion new single “死にたい夜を越えて” will be released at 2022/06/04.



Excited about this single. I’m looking forward to listening to it. I like everything in the preview so far.

Definitely feels more like an RIR single than their last few releases… despite me liking them as well. I’m looking forward to this comeback!!


I’m so excited for the digital release of this single! Since the CD released earlier this month, I think it should be around early July. :pleading_face:

I thought N/EVER FOREVER might have unfortunately been live-limited forever just like “Another…”, but it seems I should have trusted the song title on that one. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’m so glad I’ll be able to hear the full original sound source of this important song dedicated to Ame’s departure for the first time!

What’s more, I’m really curious to find out who composed Juvenile, and the lyrics of it. It sounds like it would be Tsubaki’s song based on the guitar distortions, which I would be happy about since this is an even bigger step up from 21g, but we’ll see! :clap:

And of course, I really adore 死にたい夜を越えて! The crisp dark vocals, super unique bridge that feels futuristic true to their concept, and prechoruses (seriously, 0:44-0:53 is just so juicy) are all phenomenal! By the way, the “hustling bustling” voices at the beginning and briefly present in other sections sort of reminds me of the sounds in their “Outbreak” intro track from THE LIGHT. :wink:

However, it was interesting not to see more of an extension and different lyrics used in the very final chorus, since they’re what RIR is known for in so many of their songs. But not having those alone aren’t a deal-breaker or anything for me. :relieved:

So this is definitely going to be one of my favourite songs of theirs at this point! :blush:

I’d just like to point out that a Live MV of “Juvenile” has finally been released, giving us some more insight on the song. It appears that the footage this takes place in is the second chorus? If we’re to believe the PV showcased the first one: https://twitter.com/official_RIR/status/1541919375007023109?s=20&t=w384hW3tqSwZjoZy2oqQgg

Still not quite sure what the song lyrics are about, but it sound really emotional and well catered to Kuro, the vocalist.

I really enjoy how the song itself goes on an adventure between genres, as RIR is often creative to do. The chorus sounds pretty light, almost jpoprock-like, but then transitions into crisp notes with metal guitars just as RIR is known for, since their early days!