Royz New Single "RAIZIN" release

Royz announced that they’re going to release a new single titled “RAIZIN” on March 15th!

It will come in 3 types: Type A (CD with 2 tracks+DVD with “RAIZIN” MV & Making Of), Type B (CD with 2 tracks+DVD with multi-angle MV) and Type C (CD with the same 2 tracks+2 bonus tracks and instrumentals for all 4 tracks)

Tracklist is yet to be defined.

They also have a new look, of course:


Uh, I like Subaru’s coat! XD

Not expecting much from this release, but I’'m glad to see them active as ever.

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Looks so cool!

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I love Kuina’s look. Subaru looks like that Aunt who buys a lot of flashy clothing and always have wine coolers in her hand.

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