Sable Hills, Graupel and Earthtist to release 3-Way Split EP

And because i find no tweet (i only remember the band having it on their IG stories) about the EP only about the Tour connected to it. You get a tweet from Sable Hills support-bassist

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Excellent lineup for a split release, and it’s cool that they’re covering each others’ songs too.


Graupel will release an MV tomorrow for the song “Apathy”

There is a teaser and they put up tons of different timezones for fans all over the world (i appreciate that a lot)

They also have other musicians recommend their EP and tour
(Not sure if anyone care about it, but let me add them)


That Hiro pic will haunt me in my nightmares

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Didn’t expect to see Kouryuu from Razor and Kyle from Brand of sacrifice in these recommendations.

Wasn’t expecting Kouryuu either
But going through his twitter following list, he seems to know Earthist guitarist and vocal Yuto
So i suppose the connection came from there :thinking:

Excited for the Earthists. stuff.

Graupels new MV is out with the song from the EP.


Great song! I’m now excited for the EP.

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They are collecting recommendations

Very tasty, I see they move further and further into loud rock. Which is probably just the next level for any 'core band.

The EP is out now. You can stream or purchase it digitally via this link.


Sable Hills also released a MV for their song

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Come on Earthists., waiting on your new pv :watch: