Sacrifice adds guitarist Aine to lineup & new single release「終幕ノ果テ」


New look:


Kings! I need an EP this year


Sacrifice announced their first single (outside of live-only demo material)

Title: 「終幕ノ果テ」

Details to follow.

Sacrifice are...
Vocal.Sutari @VoSutari
Guitar.OGA @sacrifice_oga
Guitar.Aine @Sac_Aine
Bass.Yodo @Yodonoheya1192
次回ライブ決定!2021.4.25(sat)NAGOYA MUSIC FARM
1st SINGLE「終幕ノ果テ」Release決定!後日詳細発表

— Sacrifice【公式】04.25 MUSICFARM (@Sacrificejp) March 5, 2021

Are there samples of this band yet?

They first had released a demo “UglyFigure” which was obtainable for free through a twitter DM to their official twitter account / Sutari, not sure if they still provide it though.

Thank you

I don’t know where I did save that song .o. somewhere maybe still on my pc…

Ah lucky I still have it…
but didn’t they upload more for free? o.o

I still have it too ^^
I’m not quite sure, when I started following them it was only UglyFigure that was mentioned~

It’s only ugly figure that was for free
Beside that it’s only the online concert they had

wasn’t the online concert paid?

Concert was free and is still on youtube

They had a second live, but normal one in December with Gauzes
That’s about it 🤷


ohhh totally missed that! thanks for sharing.

Missed this live!

P.S. The last band was totally awful omg

I like Layd, but i do understand you.
I think their sound feels quite experimental on times

I think they are more a CD band… but yeah live they are not good… but they have so many fans o.o

experimental, I can’t call it… it’s just not good live.

Regarding buying merch/CD’s from them in case anyone is interested:


Shop at Mercari from Japan, and Buyee will ship your items worldwide! | Buyee

Currently they are preparing for live sales and domestic mail orders.
They do consider to release them digitally for download and on streaming platforms, but they won’t release it at the same time for the CD release (so we might be able to expect something in the future).

In addition for buying their CD’s atm, the link to buyee is currently recommended by their staff-team.


They consider to make things possible for overseas but it will take some time as they are still a new band (but we are heard and they know they do have overseas fans now).

These are their future plans. If anything changes regarding this, Sacrifice-staff will DM me about it. This info is provided through my twitter DM’s with their Official twitter account

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Intresting vocals.