Scottykins Introduction!

Hi, everyone!
My name is Ami, I’m 15, and I’m new to this forum site, but not to the visual kei and j-rock community. I really enjoy music. Other than j-rock, I enjoy kpop, metal, and more genres!
I like anime, I’ve been a fan of anime since 2013. I also like manga, especially BL but in no way limited to BL.
I make youtube videos as well, but they are mostly based around the mangas I like.

I know this introduction sounds really bland, but I promise my personality is nothing of the sort lol. If anyones interested, we can be friends!


Welcome! This is a great place to dig yourself deeper into the VK/J-rock hole. Hope you enjoy it!

Welcome! You have just joined the best VK/J-Rock community in the universe.