Seiya(ex Deviloof) & copyright

Seiya apparently intends to settle his copyright issues with Deviloof.
What will happen to the band after this?



What could he possibly want? Royalties?

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and just like that, their major label will probably drop them if he composed the core body of work that got them signed in the first place

He goes into detail in his paid note. DEVILOOF are in for some hurt since they took his IP and kicked him out of the band.

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I am guessing you read it, right? Do we know if the songs he is fighting for were actually recorded with him still in the band, or did they take demo songs from him and turned them into songs without crediting him?

Seiya has said on multiple occasions he was the only person in the studio. His songs he doesn’t get any royalties from went on to become Oni and some songs from Dystopia. Seiya has a signature style and he didn’t have any ill will, but they never gave him a penny and now that they’re major he can finally get some money from his IP.


He’d recorded a shit ton of riffs (which is what he does, he loves to play guitar and records stuff constantly even now) and once they kicked him out he didn’t get to keep them since they claimed they belonged to the band (not sure how since he wrote it with his guitar, his hands, paid for the studio time) and used them to make pretty much everything until their major release DAMNED and that weird ANGEL DEVIL EP.


Thanks for the info.
I assume he has his reasons to not talk fully open about those problems.

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Yeah I’ve never gone all the way into it to protect the integrity of the note.


I support seiya 100%, the other dudes are lazy and went major thanks to his hard work.

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Prob why seiya left he wasn’t getting the credit he deserved

Good luck to him, id be pissed off too in this situation so is understandable he wants to take some sort of action.