SELLING Cheki, DVDs, CDs of Crimson Shiva, Kamijo, Versailles, David, D, D=OUT, Rentrer en Soi, Megaromania, Kaya, Jupiter, Mejibray, Moi Dix Mois, Deluhi, Zin, Gotcharocka

Selling all of the items listed below.
Worldwide shipping from Romania. ( 6 euro) Payment through Paypal.

Megaromania photos : 3 euro each

D Photoset Signed - 10 euro each

D=OUT Photoset Signed - 10 euro each

David Pins : 7 euro (price for the entire set)

Crimson Shiva cheki price : 3 euro each - unsigned ; 5 euro each -signed ;

Deluhi Juri Cheki
Signed - 10 euro each ; Unsigned - 6 euro each

Chikage Megaromania Cheki
Signed - 8 euro each ; Unsigned - 5 euro each

David / Sui Megaromania Cheki
Signed - 10 euro each ; Unsigned - 7 euro each

Versailles Albums and CDs - 30 euro each

Teru Versailles / Jupiter Cheki - 16 euro

Kamijo Versailles Cheki - 20 euro each

Yuki & Masashi Versailles / Jupiter Cheki - 15 euro each

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I am selling all of the CDs and DVDs presented below. Shipping worldwide from Romania (6 euro). Payment through Paypal.

Deluhi CDs - 15 euro each
Rentrer en Soi CD - 15 euro
Moi Dix Mois CD - 10 euro
Moi Dix Mois DVD - 25 euro
Megaromania CD - 10 euro
D CDs and DVDs - 15 euro


I am selling all of the cheki presented below. Shipping worldwide from Romania (6 euro). Payment through Paypal.

Megaromania unsigned - 7 euro ; signed - 9 euro

Asagi D unsigned - 7 euro each ; signed - 10 euro each

Zin Jupiter - 6 euro each

D=OUT unsigned - 8 euro each ; signed - 12 euro each

Mejibray unsigned - 7 euro each

Kaya unsigned - 8 euro ; signed - 12 euro each

Jui Gotcharocka unsigned - 7 euro each

Kamijo Guest Members unsigned - 4 euro each

Jupiter Guest members unsigned - 3 euro each

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Versailles Holy Grail Album is now SOLD

Do you have Seth cheki? :pleading_face:

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Oh dear how I wish :pleading_face::pleading_face: I’ve been searching for a cheki of him for a while now. I will let you know if I have any luck!!

I am interested in a kamijo and kaya cheki! Is there a preferred method of contact? I prefer twt/discord if possible.

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I would need your discord tag as well! Its the # followed by 4 numbers. I will not be able to find you based off name alone :slight_smile: