[SELLING] David (SUI solo project)


I’m selling some items from SUI’s solo project David. Prices are in euros, but I ship almost everywhere.
Feel free to ask anything! :point_down: (And don’t hesitate to ask for better pictures of the cheki!)


:star_of_david: 創生録 I ~Birth and Confession~ (Regular, signed): 11€ (+one free cheki)
:star_of_david: 創生録 I ~Birth and Confession~ (Limited, signed): 15€ (+one free cheki)
:star_of_david: 創生録 II ~Fearless Scenario~ (Deluxe, sealed): 18€ (+one free cheki)
:star_of_david: Reason for existence and… official bootleg : 12,5€ (+one free cheki)
:six_pointed_star: ALL CD (+5 free cheki): 50€


:star_of_david: 1 chekis: 4,5€
:star_of_david: 5 chekis: 21€
:star_of_david: 10 chekis: 40€
:six_pointed_star: Lucky Bag (10 random + 1 chosen): 35€


:star_of_david: Gothculture: 11€ (+ one free cheki)

New update soon.

New update with loads of new chekis, new CD, and lots of good deals!
Please have a look!