[SELLING] Random visual CD

Hello there everyone!
I’ll start with the list:

David/Cell -raison d’etre-
V.A. - Kaamathustra (Live cd)
Luvielle - insane and in tears…
DOG inThePWO - PPP and ハルシオン飴缶
らせん - Nightmare and 狂
(Please note that 狂 actual cd due to poor quality slim case and mostly ‘cause its a printed cd-r
were stick to the booklet and removing it remained like a rip off on booklet and cd)
Insanity Injection - Psychotic Cabaret
(One crack on front)
Glamscure - ケ・セラ・セラ
(Several cracks on the front,comes with a qr code for off-shot footage)
BEAST - BLOOD 4 BLOOD (cd+dvd)
Cds was just opened to import them on pc,even the cracked ones,that arrives from shipping like so!

Just DM for price,shipping from Europe