[Selling] the Gazette (Sentimental Video VHS), Dezert (Hen live CD)

Hello there,
Selling a couple items. Shipping from the US and accepting paypal for payment.

US shipping will be $3 for a CD and $4 for the VHS.

*Please ask for international shipping quote. CDs usually start around $15 and I’d imagine VHS is around the same price.

Photos (click to open link):

Sentimental Video SOLD

First is a copy of the GazettE’s Sentimental Video on VHS. Asking $45 + shipping. It’s in very good condition overall and comes in a hard plastic case. Because it was released some time ago the label on the VHS itself is fragile and has begun to lose its stickiness (see photos for reference).

I don’t have a VHS player so have not been able to test it so please be aware of that when purchasing. That being said, I have taken great care of this item over the years and it has been stored on my shelf upright in a non-smoke no pet environment.

Second is a copy of Hen by Dezert. Asking $30 + shipping. It’s in perfect condition and I’ve kept it stored on my shelf since I bought it.

Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions.