[SELLING] three random cheki!

i’m selling 3 random cheki! can be bought together or separate… or even traded, keep reading!

mia - mejibray - $5
ryu - far east dizain (SIGNED!) - $7
aggy - deluhi (2019 reunion cheki) - $6

i am willing to trade any of these for karma (avelcain/rands) cheki. :teddy_bear:
shipping from the US.

(the watermark is my twitter handle, but it’s mine, promise!)

Are you still selling the Aggy one? owo

yes, still available! @heresytrash

If it’s okay I can dm you, I’m interested in that one owo

aggy cheki sold! (i can’t edit the post…)

@visvasrit You’ll be able to edit posts when you get trust level 2 (Member).
You just need to be a bit more active on the forum before you can edit your posts.

Edit: it seems there has been a change made about editing posts on the forum you should be able to do it now :slight_smile:

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