Session band "SEXUAL BEAST" will perform

Session band “SEXUAL BEAST” will perform at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE at 2021/03/30.

“SEXUAL BEAST” members:
vo.Naoki (ex.Luzmelt, GE+IM)
gt.猛(Takeru) (ex.SAVAGE)
ba.70. (XANVALA)
dr.美景(Mikage) (ex.VII-Sense, chariots)

SET-LIST (D’espairsRay songs):


Wish I could be there to see it.


Wow, I’m surprised how well Naoki’s voice fits these old D’espa songs.


Looks like that would’ve been fun.

Had to queue up the Murder Day DVD after getting a taste of some live D’espa jams.


Those covers are almost identical to the originals. :scream_cat:

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That’s what they call me on the streets.


proud of young ppl shaming hizumi for wasting his life in another mediocre neverbeen major band!

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Not like Karyu, Zero, or Tsukasa are doing anything provocative or inspiring lately :frowning:

karyu upgraded tbh

I knew it would be a +DéspairsRay+ cover band.

Wow. Really good job on all of these.

The next live will be on 2023/07/14.

“SEXUAL BEAST” members:
vo.直祈(Naoki) (ex.Luzmelt, GE+IM)
gt.猛(Takeru) (ex.SAVAGE)
ba.綾葉(Ayaha) (DazzlingBAD)
dr.Loa (ex.IGGY)

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Naoki has been in the scene since 1998 so it makes sense.

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what exactly is a session band? Is it like a group thats not official and members just wanna try it out and if it fails then they can say “Oh we were never a real group, just something to try out like lotion”?

Basically! All the music, no commitments like a regular band. Sometimes it’s like a trial period before the real band starts.

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there’s a sub-type of indie bands that only form to play covers from other, older/more established bands

there’s probably a million of them still coming together each decade to play luna sea, dir en grey and x japan covers, and there’s no intention behind them to make it serious - this is the type of stuff they do on the side to sell some live tickets and socialize a bit (70 does xanvala and vanessa '22/'23 comeback on top of this.)

d’espa cover band is a bit of an odd choice for a session project, but h.u.g., the current karyu band, I see going onto a full-time band soon.

they sound amazing lucky for all the people that can catch em live!