Shopping service located in Tokyo


I’ve been offering shopping service in Tokyo for about 2 years now!
I can buy from most online stores, physical stores and venues I visit for lives.

*Sorry, no auctions (Yahoo), but Mercari ok.
Non-music related orders are also ok.*

Shipping to certain countries is still difficult because of Corona (to US, Australia, Russia no tracking available), but I can hold on to your order until shipping is possible.
Most European countries seem to be no problem.

General service fee is 20% of your order, but PM me (including a link to the item(s) for online orders) for detailed info.

I also have a Facebook group with more than 200 members.


:sparkles: Next lives I’ll attend :sparkles:

3/25 :arrow_right: SARIGIA/ヴィルシーナ(verxina)/マチルダ(mathilda)/ロゼ(roze)/MIMIC/アイミー(imy)/BLACK STAR

3/29 :arrow_right: ミスイ(misui) oneman

:warning: PM for orders :warning:

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Got my ticket for DEVILOOF’s oneman on 5/15✨

:warning: PM for orders :warning:

Got my ticket for Kizu’s oneman on 4/18✨

:warning: PM for orders :warning:

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Got my ticket for this 3man on 5/11✨

:sparkles: PM for orders :sparkles: